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Ciclovia dell'Energia

Ciclovia dell'Energia answers to the need to make Valtellina, where A2A hydroelectric power plants are located, more attractive for tourists and sportsmen; a desire expressed by the local population during the first forumAscolto, a meeting organized by A2A in February 2016 among institutions, companies and local communities. The aim of the project is that of promoting both the area and the sites where energy is produced: a cycle route that integrates perfectly into a charming backdrop, full of breath-taking glimpses and points of interest. A project for the community, that wants to encourage responsible tourism within the Valtellina area. ­The Ciclovia dell’Energia consists of three paths, differing in type and track, which can satisfy the needs of anyone visiting the mountain: families, amateurs and athletes can try their hand at adventure to discover the unique landscapes of Valtellina.

Project developed with Abc Production
Web Development: Orange ID - Special thanks to Silvio Griffini & Walter Vetrugno

01. Homepage

You can scroll down to the page, or go directly on maps

02. Map

You can choose the path (red, green or orange) and discover on the map all types of point of interest.

03. Description

All the paths has a detailed description, a preview video and some useful download materials (for example the GPX map for your devices!)

The complexity of the project was to directly explore all the paths and decide the position of points of localization (elements that you find on the path that help you to discover your position, thanks to a qr code that send you to the online map that is geolocalized).

Thank you

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