Barber Mind

Barber Mind is not only a line of products, it’s much more: it’s a world of values. Your best ideals associated with the flavor of detail, yourself care and of your style.

The collaboration

Barber Mind asked us to improve their look and feel. They wanted to be more institutional and relevant. We started from the brand strategy and positioning.
We follow them in their evolution: from the art direction, to the content creation, storytelling and social media management.

New look

We started from a new product look. We imagined the world of the products and what profiles could better express the product and Barber Mind values world.

Tone of voice & content creation

We created a new website, with a new tone of voice and look. We started with a blog, useful to create contents. We worked on social pages (FB + IG). We thought a new editorial plan. We create and post contents. We also work on advertising and FB sponsored.
Today we are happy to see a great interaction and a lot of new followers.

sito Barber mind
01. Homepage layout
sito Barber mind
02. Barber Mind world
sito Barber mind
03. Blog
New followers

Brand values

It's really important for a brand to comunicate its values. So we decided to do explain our soul with a selection of personalities: the Barber Mind ambassadors.

Thanks to a wonderful team!

Project in collab with: Abc Production
Brand strategy in collab with: Federico Ravasio
Digital strategy in collab with: Giuseppe Serrago
Content creation and copy in collab with: Fabrizio Fabrici & Davide Depalo
Photo by: Federico Ravasio & Alessio Monzani
Videomaking and direction: Doublevision Film
Wonderful and irreplaceable helper: Greta Bolzani