Barber Mind: Rebranding 2019

A new challenge for Supermad: Barber Mind rebranding. A new logo, a new identity, a new world. An unexpected result.

The challenge

Barber Mind asked us to embrace a new brand image. This new brand was completely different then before, so we had to find a new way to comunicate it.

New world

We started from a new world: international, dynamic, street and young. We created new corporate materials and new product photos.

Barber Mind Rebrand_12
Barber Mind Rebrand_15

Brand values

It's really important for a brand to comunicate its values. So we decided to do explain our soul with a corporate video

Thanks to a wonderful team!

Project in collab with: Abc Production
Digital strategy in collab with: Giuseppe Serrago
Content creation and copy in collab with: Fabrizio Fabrici & Davide Depalo
Photo in collab with: Doublevision Film
Videomaking and direction: Doublevision Film
Wonderful and irreplaceable helper: Greta Bolzani
Many Many thanks to: Nicole & Freddy